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Autism Compounding

WELLHealth Rx is a leading compounding pharmacy. We can custom formulize prescriptions that are free of yeast, gluten, wheat, casein, dye or sugar and can be made to be compliant with the SCD diet.

We can compound medications into capsules, suppositories, transdermal creams, injectables, and suspensions. We work closely with many DAN practitioners to help customize the right formula specifically for each patient.

Disclaimer –
No compounded medication is reviewed by the FDA for safety/efficacy. WELLHealth Rx is a licensed compounding pharmacy that only engages in compounding in
response to a physician's prescription. A written prescription from a licensed physician is required for compounded medication. The information on the site is general in nature and is only intended for use as an educational tool. You should consult your physician or a WELLHealth Rx pharmacist if you have any specific questions relating to the diagnosis and treatment of any health problems. Information and statements about products and health conditions have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved the products to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. Office use/hospital use of compounded medications are not to be billed to Medicaid or Medicare. Such billings may be in violation of federal law.